Finding My Voice

Voice is an intangible thing for a writer for so long. We hear so much about the ‘voice’ being the thing that gets you across the line when being read by publishers and agents. But what is it? Well, to be honest, I had absolutely no clue for years.

When my daughter was fifteen and you know, like, everything about parents is so not cool, and mother writing erotic romance, well, I am just going to DIE, Mum are you trying to embarrass me in front of ALL my friends? That’s how I interpreted her simple question of “When are you going to write something I can read, Mum?”

So let’s jump to the beginning of 2013 and my daughter is 24 and announces that she is going to sell a party plan for a bit of extra cash on the side and she’d found something that was a lot of fun. SO I ask her what was she thinking of doing Avon, Tupperware?

“I’ve already signed up with Horny Little Devils adult party plan!”

I was shocked, I mean, my little girl selling those sort of things? Really? I asked why she chose that out of all the party plans. Here’s how that convo went.

“I figure people are pretty much always going to be having sex so I’ll never run out of business. Do you want to see a catalogue?”


“Come on, Mum, you have to be supportive.” Gives me a catalogue.

“Well, here I am being careful about what I write because I don’t want to embarrass you and now you’re selling sex aids.”

“What do you mean, embarrass me?”

“Remember when you were 15 and you said when would I write something you could read?”

Mum, I was fifteen. You write whatever you want. We can team up, they can read your stories and then need my products.”

So over the next few days I wrote a short story prequel for a Romantic Suspense that had been bugging me. I didn’t over-edit it. I just cleaned it up and made sure it ran smoothly, but it was organic, and it flowed so easily and in that moment I knew I’d found my voice. It was definitely Aussie, and a lot of inner me was on the page. My fundamental beliefs about life and all my experiences gave it a unique edge that made it my work.

That story I sent to Escape Publishing with a pitch about a series based around the Australian Federal Police and then I wrote Above and Beyond which is up for presale now at Amazon worldwide, iTunes, Kobo, Google Books, Booktopia and for release May 1st. Click on the BUY NOW button to choose your favourite eTailer. It might be at a bargain price of under $1 at iTunes and Amazon still as well, so snap it up.

I believe I owe it to readers to give of myself on the page. I believe that’s what makes stories that stick with people.


Find Wendy online:
Read the first chapter of Above and Beyond

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