RELEASE DAY ALERT: Sami Lee’s ‘Rendezvous’



Sami Lee

Six days at sea with her ex… Conditions are about to get rough.

Twelve months ago Cassie Dalton fled Sydney and her three year marriage to tough city cop, Reed. Now she’sliving a new life chartering tourists around the pristine tropical waters of the Whitsunday Passage on her inherited yacht, The Rendezvous. Despite having unresolved feelings for her estranged husband, she sends divorce papers in her desperation to move on. To her surprise the move shakes Reed out of his emotional hibernation and brings him to north Queensland, determined to win her back. As they spend the next six days sailing and sharing secrets, Cassie begins to wonder why she ever thought living  without the man she loves was a solid life plan.

But just as she thinks all their fences have mended, Reed breaks her heart all over again…

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— Excerpt —

When Cassie’s left fist came at him, Reed swore in surprise. If she’d been a south paw, he would have been in real danger of collecting a bruise. But her left-handed jab didn’t stand a chance. Even caught unawares, Reed blocked it as effectively as he had the first.

Reed let out a shocked laugh. “Jesus, Cass. Lucky for me you don’t have any more hands.”

She narrowed her eyes. Reed deduced what she was thinking, and before she could bring her knee up, he spun her around so her back was to him. If she’d been anyone else, he would have twisted the arm behind her to immobilize her, but that might hurt her, and he couldn’t do it. This was his wife. She might not want to be anymore, but in Reed’s mind Cassie was still the woman he’d sworn in front of a justice of the peace to protect and honour for the rest of his life.

Still gripping her wrists, he crossed her arms over her stomach and drew her tight against him. The soft curve of her bottom fit into the cradle of his thighs. A fire sparked in his loins, heating his balls and making his dick twitch. She might have murder in mind, but his mind was on another tangent, and if she moved even a millimetre, he was going to develop a full-blown hard-on.

Cassie struggled in his hold, wiggling her bottom in ways that didn’t help his situation at all. Reed clenched his teeth. “Cass, stop struggling, will ya?”

She ignored him and continued to writhe in his arms. “Let me go!”

“So you can try and deck me again? No, thanks.”

“I won’t, I swear.”

“Calm down and I might start to believe you”

Cassie issued a muted scream of frustration and stamped on his foot. She got in a good shot, and Reed winced as her heel connected with his bare toe. The momentary flash of pain was nowhere near enough to counter the impact of having her pressed so intimately against him. His cock stretched to its full size. Desire and frustration warred inside him, making every muscle in his frame tense.

“Damn it, Cassie. Stop struggling.”

She must have heard something in his tone because she at last grew still. She was panting with exertion, reminding Reed how she used to pant like that for other reasons, back when they’d shared a bed. After a year apart, he must have kidded himself her effect on him would have lessened. He hadn’t counted on being blindsided by this level of lust. If anything, his need for her had intensified, turning into something almost frantic.

Perhaps because he’d finally woken up to the fact he could lose her forever.



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