AT MY DESK: Alyssa James Montgomery



AT MY DESK: Alyssa J. Montgomery   (Also writes as Alyssa James)


Hi everyone!

I consider myself very fortunate to have my own writing space at home. When we began extending our home some nine years ago, my husband and I realised that the house was then a pretty basic L shape. We wanted something a bit more interesting, so we added a room from the upstairs floor to give the whole place more character. That room turned  into my writing room, and my husband designed beautiful stained glass windows that reach up into the apex of the roof and feature the rainbow lorikeets (one of the many species of native birds which live in the area).

From my desk

I have to admit that for the 8 years prior to 2013, there was absolutely no writing done and my husband  used to shake his head and say, “I built you a writing room. When are you going to start writing again?”At that stage demands of a young family and a busy private practice meant that writing was very much on the backburner. In the beginning of 2013 I almost threw in the towel completely after just having started back, but my very supportive critique partners buoyed me up and kept me going. Now I write as often as possible — either at my desk or with my computer on my lap on the sofa.

My writing room has timber-lined ceilings and book shelves built in, where I house my ‘keepers’ and lots of knick knacks I’ve collected from our travels. My desk is also home to many treasures from my writing friends. Christmas presents or little gifts they’ve brought back from their trips overseas with  a real heart theme going! A gorgeous heart-shaped mouse from Marilyn Forsyth is just one example. There’s also a jar of papers from Cassandra Samuels with writer’s inspirational messages (eg. “The worse enemy to creativity is self doubt”), and an inspirational sign from Enisa Hasic which reads: “Dream. Have Faith. Be Determined. Succeed.” There are also special cards created by my children. (The kids also gifted me a framed photo of each of my book covers for my writing room wall.)

Photo of my desk

Now I am writing and have achieved the dream of being published, I’m hoping my writing room will be a place where I continue to develop this craft and where I can create compelling characters and plotlines. I’m sure to have loads of fun, and possibly equal amounts of frustration in the process but it is fabulous to have such a great space to indulge in my creative dream.



About the Author:

Alyssa lives with her husband and three children on a 5 acre property south of Sydney. As well as writing contemporary novels she has just released her first historical romance “Knight of Her Heart” which she penned as Alyssa James. She writes in between family commitments and working in her own private Speech Pathology practice. Previously she has also been a professional pianist and an  international flight attendant for Qantas Airways.


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5 Comments on AT MY DESK: Alyssa James Montgomery

  1. Thank you for inviting me to the blog today J’aimee and for the wonderful support you give to showcase romance authors from Down Under.

  2. fionaarcher // August 6, 2014 at 12:07 pm // Reply

    It’s always fascinating to look into an author’s “writing cave”. Alyssa, here’s my question: How do you keep that room so neat and tidy? 😉

    Love the little mementos on your desk. I have a couple like that too. I wish you many fabulous years filled with writing success.

    Thanks for showcasing Aussie authors, J’aimme!

  3. Hi Fiona
    The room is usually but not always tidy! Prior to a book launch event there are bits and pieces strewn over every surface. Generally, however, it’s okay because the room has a single purpose, I’m the only one using it and I find chaos unhelpful if I’m trying to focus. The rest of the house might need my attention but I have trained myself to shut off to that. Having my writing space where I can shut the door and tune out from everything around me works better for me!

    My house is full of bits and pieces from our travels – they bring memories of happy times and also tell a story of our family. I once had a house cleaner come to look at the place and give me a quote. She didn’t bother quoting – just said there were too many dust collectors and she liked houses with a minimalist approach!! Good to know someone else likes knick-knacks!

  4. Hi Alyssa, good to see that wonderful writing room of yours is now being used. 🙂 xx

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