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Finding my Voice
Kat T. Masen

From an early age I would have crazy dreams, the kind of dreams that when you woke up you went huh? Friends would constantly tell me how jealous they were because they never dreamt, and I began trying to interpret what they meant. There were times that they would reoccur, and it almost became like a movie in my head. At the time I had no idea what that symbolized, but soon realised it would form part of my stories.

I always loved to read, my favourite author being Virginia Andrews. Over the years I fell out of the habit – kids being born, life taking over as usual. It was during the FSOG hype back in April 2012 that I met others on social media who loved the books. We then formed our own little book club and immersed ourselves in the fan-fiction world. My friends persuaded me to start writing; we would brainstorm my ideas and so began the journey to become a writer.

Funnily enough, the dreams stopped occurring and my outlet became writing. Into the darkness – The dark angel series part 1 was written over 15 months. At first I had no idea what I was doing, but then I found my voice and I couldn’t stop. It was obvious that it would be a two part series which resulted in Into the Light- The dark angel series part 2.

My initial thoughts were that I wanted to tell a story that had no dark aspects, a story that I could imagine myself in. Somewhere along the way I took myself out of the equation and the writing became darker, more twisted and I would sit there on my laptop with an evil grin knowing that I was writing magic. There were days when I would write thousands of words only to delete it and other days that the writing didn’t stop. Sometimes I would write into the early hours of the morning without food or drink, my heart would beat incredibly fast and I thrived on it.

Having an almost full-time job and 3 kids was my biggest hurdle. On several occasions I wanted to give up, and had no idea what I was doing. I would chat to other indie authors and they would give me advice. Thankfully I had supportive people around me that would listen to me cry when I wanted to give up and being the great friends they were, they would basically give me that much needed cup of cement.  The advice – harden up because it’s not always going to be fun and people can be nasty.

From editors rejecting my work to one star reviews, it was all a giant learning curve with a lesson learnt each time. Once I found my editor, I knew we were a match made in heaven. She saw my vision and worked with me, not forcing me to change my work like other editors suggested.

The 5 star reviews and the emails from readers who fell in love with Into the darkness, is what makes it all worthwhile. Into the light has generated a positive and emotional response from the advanced reader’s copies that were sent out. By the time I wrote this not only had I found my voice but my style as well.

My only regret to this day is I wish I had started writing years ago. Now I continue writing the third instalment in the dark angel series, my first novella titled Julian.



About the Author:

Kat is a mummy to what could only be described as 3 crazy boys. If it wasn’t for her sane husband, Into the darkness and Into the light would still be a word document sitting untouched on her computer.

She is a huge lover of romantic love triangles (Well it is fiction right?), and is also a fan of reading other genres especially if it supports authors trying to get their work noticed.

Is there such a thing as spare time when juggling family, work and writing? Not really but on occasion her guilty pleasure is playing Monopoly-  Kat vs Nintendo DS.

“It’s the thrill of how much money I could make, and my pathetic need to make everyone bankrupt. The DS and I have this love hate relationship, sometimes it just wants to kick my ass and I find myself in jail 3 times in a row. Those are the times that I get the pathetic eye roll from that sane husband of mine, especially when I slam the DS shut and throw it across the bed!”



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  1. Great post, inspiring for an upcoming writer like me 🙂

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