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Author Spotlight: Maggie Mundy


Describe yourself in one word:


What is your background with regard to writing?
I came to it late and did a degree in English, Drama and Creative Writing. I wrote a one act play and thought I like this. Can’t stop the voices since.


When did you first begin writing with a view of embarking on a career as a published author?
Ten years ago I decided to see if I could write a whole story. 160,000 words later I decided I could. Have cut that massive epic fantasy book back to 120,000.


Tell us a little more about Unknown Protector:
Two things have helped Nicole cope since the murder of her husband. One is running her detective agency, and the other is her guardian angel Mira. When Mira is killed by a demon, Nicole accepts the help of a Ridge, a long haired, cigar smoking diamond in the rough with wings. Things go from bad to worse when a replacement guardian cannot be found. She has to trust Ridge, which is tricky when she realizes there are no demons or angels, just parasitic aliens that humans have built the myths of these celestial beings around. Ridge isn’t an angel or a devil, but an alien half breed known as a Midworlder. He is also way too sexy for his own good, or is it her own good.


When we first meet Nicole, she is grieving the loss of her murdered husband whilst also running her own detective agency whilst under the protection of her guardian angel, Mira. However once Mira is killed, she realises that there are no demons or angels, just parasitic aliens that humans have built the myths of these celestial being around. What inspired this concept?
I found that many books about angels and demons were based on Christianity. I wondered if I could create a whole back story and world that had nothing to do with that.


Eventually, Nicole does accept the help of Ridge, an alien half-breed known as a Midworlder, who just happens to be far too sexy for his own good. They do fall in love, however as usual the path to a happy-ever-after is not smooth. Why must you be so tough on your characters, Maggie! J
I don’t mean to be.  I just think if you wrote a story where the toughest thing that happened to the hero was that they got the wrong order from a pizza shop then you would be bored.


What one character trait will most endear Nicole and Ridge to readers?
Ridge is incredibly loyal even if he lives a bit of a wild life. Nicole is very resilient despite everything that has been thrown at her.


Tell us a little more about what lead you to writing inside the paranormal/futuristic genre?
I first started writing fantasy because that was what I read. I came over to paranormal when I found my reading taste was changing. I then decided that was what I wanted to write. I love the fact that you have a normal world with strange and wonderful things happening in it.


One thing you’d like readers to know about the romance genre…
Almost every book written contains relationships. A lot are just not called romance but they are.


If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?
Hollywood actor of course.


Biggest accomplishment to date:
Getting a book published. Its huge.


What’s next for you? 
Writing the second book in the Midworlder series. Co-writing a rom com with a friend. Writing a women’s fiction.  Told you I have lots of stories floating around.



Ten Quickies:

What book is currently on your nightstand?
J. R. Ward Lover Mine. Making my way through the series


What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?
Be kind to yourself.  Not all the stuff happening is because of you.


What do you find easiest to write? And, the hardest?
Synopsis (okay hate me) my plot plan for my book. Yes I am a plotter.


Favourite travel experience? New Zealand. Swam in the ocean with dolphins and saw glaciers.


Number one thing to do on your bucket list: Zip lining in South Africa.


Milk, dark or white chocolate? Milk

Red, white, bubbly? red

Salty or sweet? Salty

Beach or mountains? Beach

Give or receive? Give.




About the Author:
Maggie Mundy lives in Adelaide, Australia and is a member of Romance Writers of Australia, and the local chapter SARA (South Australian Romance Authors). She recently completed a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and English at Flinders University. She had a short story published in the Romance Writers of Australia Topaz Anthology Little Gems in 2010 called Sea and Vines. She has three books out with Rogue Phoenix Press. Two erotic novellas called Blood Scent and Blood Oath and a paranormal romance called World Change. She also has a supernatural thriller out with Soul Mate Publishing called Hidden Mortality and paranormal romance called Unknown Protector. She has also performed for many years in corporate entertainment for which she wrote her own sketches, which probably explains why her head is so full of characters. She loves writing romance but thinks falling in love can be scary, especially in her stories where creatures of the night really exist.




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