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Mistletoe Madness with Jenny Schwartz


What are your plans for Christmas 2014?
It’s a quiet Christmas this year – or it better be! 2014 has been incredibly busy, not least because we moved house and then found a hundred and one things that had to be done. Dear Santa, please grant me a more relaxed 2015!


Tell us about a usual Christmas in your home?
There will be a plastic Christmas tree. I’ve tried real ones, but this is Australia in summer! Let’s just say that cut ones die instantly, and live ones look so strangled in their pots that I’m tempted to plant them out immediately in the garden – and doing that in blazing hot temperatures is a recipe for disaster. So, it’s a plastic Christmas tree in this house – and no Christmas goodies left out or the dog will eat them!


Any gift in particular that you’d love to see wrapped under the tree?
A new kindle! I love my old one and it’s shared any number of great books with me, but I wouldn’t mind an upgrade J


What is a typical Christmas lunch and/or dinner at your house?
Food, glorious food! Salads, cold meats, seafood, bread rolls (I’m a carbohydrate fiend!), fruit cake, ice cream, chocolate, um…the list of sweets gets a bit embarrassing. Let’s move on! Some of the goodies are already bought. Christmas gets expensive, and these were on sale – although the Belgian Chocolate Chunk Cookies didn’t even last a day in this house!


Tell us, what is the one dish that gets served every single year? Is there a story behind this?
Mum’s Christmas trifle! It’s the only time of year we have trifle and it’s always been a big production since Mum makes her own sponge cake. Fresh peaches are the secret, especially with a dash of brandy. Any leftover sponge cake is swiftly eaten J


Essentials for an Aussie Christmas…
Air-conditioning! and I’m not being funny. We’ve had some hot Christmas and Boxing Days here in Perth. If you’re enjoying an Aussie Christmas for the first time, don’t miss the pavlova. Mmmm, pavlova! [J’aimee, you’re making me hungry writing this post!]


Your best Silly Season survival tip?
Take time out for yourself. Read a book! or watch a classic movie (It’s A Wonderful Life, perhaps), go for an early morning walk along the beach, have a siesta – actually this is an Aussie Christmas Day tradition that’s worth keeping. Although there’s always one in the family who year after year nabs the best napping spots – and no, you’re not allowed to tip them out of the hammock under the jacaranda tree!


What will you be reading this Christmas?
Trisha Ashley’s books have become a bit of a re-read tradition. I like “A Winter’s Tale”.


What have been your big achievements in 2014?
Surviving moving house! And stepping into self-publishing with a number of books that were risky for publishers, but a delight to readers, including “Indulge. Sensual Tales of Steampunk and Fantasy” [There will be giveaway copies, so keep an eye on the AusRomToday Christmas celebrations.]


What are your plans/goals for 2015?
More books! I have three short contemporary romances coming out with Escape Publishing in February, March and April: Ice-Breaker, Second Chance Island and No Rescue. I’ll also be self-publishing some awesome books myself. Run From Me, a contemporary romance, comes out in January, as does The Icarus Plot, a steampunk adventure in Victorian London where someone is stealing street kids and a local toy shop owner is determined to stop them. Then in February, if not earlier – because I’m so excited about this story – Star Captain launches a Wild West in Space adventure as I embrace my love for science fiction romance (I’m a long-time fan of Anne McCaffrey).


I’ve loved being part of AusRomToday’s Christmas Extravaganza. To say thanks, here’s a gift for you: Hurry over to Amazon and pick up my seasonal short story, Guarding Christmas, while it’s free (the promotion ends 4 December).


Guarding Christmas
Jenny Schwartz
Four years ago, Gray rejected Yvie’s love before she had a chance to offer it. He thought she was too young and he knew he was too reckless for the relationship to work. Now he’s back and he has a plan to woo and win his Christmas angel. But Yvie has plans of her own—and risking her heart again isn’t part of them.

A feel-good short story that captures the magic of the season. Happy holidays!






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  1. Jenny Schwartz // December 2, 2014 at 11:40 am // Reply

    Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays!

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