CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA: Bellamy, Carter, Clark, and Scott


Mistletoe Madness with A Season to Remember authors


What are your plans for Christmas 2014?

Susanne Bellamy – Family time is most important to us; our two uni-age students and partners will join us at the coast.

Noelle Clark – A quiet Christmas at home with my children and grandchildren. Given that it’s the twin’s first Christmas, it should be rather special.

Eva Scott – We’re celebrating my mother finishing her cancer treatment so it’s a rather special Christmas for the whole family.

Elizabeth Ellen Carter – We’re angling for an invite to spend Christmas Day with friends but in the days before and after we travel like nomads to see other members of the family.



Tell us about a usual Christmas in your home?

Elizabeth Ellen Carter – It’s pretty quiet with just hubby and me. I hope this year isn’t like last year when Christmas lunch with friends was interrupted by taking the host to hospital with kidney stones…

Susanne Bellamy – Our usual Christmas is at the beach. We have hosted my husband’s family for a number of years for lunch that extends into the evening. The younger members usually swim and some of us walk off the extra food we always indulge in!



Any gift in particular that you’d love to see wrapped under the tree? 

Noelle Clark – If you could turn love, happiness and peace into a material object, then that’s what I’d like to see for all people, not just my family. But a nice bottle of wine or a book would be good too.

Eva Scott – A cover for my paddle board. I’m going to ding it getting it to and from the beach unless it has some protection. Maybe some diamonds 😉

Susanne Bellamy – Il Divo’s latest album, A Musical Affair. Or a ticket to Europe – I’d be happy with either! 😉

Elizabeth Ellen Carter – I’m hoping for DVDs of The Princess Bride and Ladyhawke (I’m a girl of simple tastes…)



What is a typical Christmas lunch and/or dinner at your house?

Susanne Bellamy – Prawns, turkey, glazed ham and lots of different salads, followed by my mum-in-law’s mince pies and rum butter. If anyone is still hungry after that, they get their own!

Elizabeth Ellen Carter – Plenty of food, leg ham, salads, fruit mince pies, truffles – all the traditional fare.



Tell us, what is the one dish that gets served every single year? Is there a story behind this?

Susanne Bellamy – Those mince pies and rum butter are always on the menu, even if the main dishes change.

Elizabeth Ellen Carter – It has to be ham. Our friends live in an alternative universe where breakfast is served at 11am, lunch at 3pm and dinner at about 9pm. And one year our very forgetful best man whom we’ll call Mr Gary, because that’s his name, was charged with one thing – buy a ham. One particular year he remembered – on Christmas Eve, when all the shops were shut. Christmas was cheese on toast that year and Mr Gary has never been allowed to forget…

Noelle Clark – Rum Balls. No story, except that since my son was about 12 years old, he’s been in charge of making them, and I strongly suspect he used to ‘taste’ the rum to make sure it was fresh.


Essentials for an Aussie Christmas…

Susanne Bellamy – Sunscreen and swimming cossies

Elizabeth Ellen Carter – Champagne

Eva Scott – A nap after lunch!



Your best Silly Season survival tip?

Susanne Bellamy – Given we are always at the coast –  “Slip, slop, slap!” And every second drink is water.

Eva Scott – Leave before everyone has had too much to drink.



What will you be reading this Christmas?

Susanne Bellamy – I’m saving three books to really savour at the coast: Elizabeth Ellen Carter’s Warrior’s Surrender, Noelle Clark’s Honor’s Debt, and Diana Gabaldon’s Cross Stitch. I will also be diving into a couple of Christmas novellas to enjoy the flavor of the season too. Anna Campbell’s Her Christmas Earl is likely to feature.

Elizabeth Ellen Carter – Everything I didn’t get time to read during the year!
Honor’s Debt by Noelle Clark
Engaging The Enemy by Susanne Bellamy
The Barbarian Bride by Eva Scott
Hard To Forget by Incy Black



What have been your big achievements in 2014?

Susanne Bellamy – My first release with Escape Publishing, Engaging the Enemy; a new contract with Entangled Publishing for a romantic suspense set in Nepal, and two wonderful Christmas collaborations. The first is with three fellow SE Queensland writers in a free Christmas anthology (A Season to Remember) which gave me the challenge to write a sci-fi novella; the second anthology is with two overseas writers (Nicki Flockton in the US and Dilys J Carney in the UK) for All I Want for Christmas. This gave me the opportunity to revisit Tuscany, if only in my imagination. I also collaborated with three wonderful writers on a continuity series, The Emerald Quest. The first book, Annie Seaton’s Capturing the Pirate’s Heart released mid-November, and mine, Winning the Heiress’ Heart, is third in the series and releases mid-January 2015.

Elizabeth Ellen Carter – Finding a home for Warrior’s Surrender. Writing Three Ships for the A Season To Remember anthology. Finishing Moonstone Conspiracy a full length novel and writing Moonstone Promise a short story in the Moonstone universe.



What are your plans/goals for 2015? 

Susanne Bellamy – Aside from The Emerald Quest? I’ll be finishing Her Mountain Man (Nepal, of course!) and beginning work on the second book in that series; and I have two Mediterranean men whose stories I need to finish! There’s a coastal novella in another anthology for Emerald Romance and I have this idea for Valentine’s Day…

Elizabeth Ellen Carter – More writing! A Roman era historical, another short story, a contemporary romantic comedy called Miss Midnight and research and write an 19th century high seas story. And maybe anther short story or two.

Noelle Clark – Writing and hoping others enjoy reading my stories. Spending time with family and friends.

Eva Scott – Finish some study I’m undertaking, launch Red Dust Dreaming (Harlequin Escape April 2015), take a foray into self-publishing with The Untamed Celt and write Red Dust Runaway. Oh, and finally get married. Must sort that out….



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  1. Thanks so much for having us AusRom! xx

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    Thank you very much for hosting us. Merry Christmas everyone!

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    Thank you AusRom Today (and J’aimee of course) for having us as part of this wonderful Christmas Extravaganza!

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