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Mistletoe Madness with Lexxie Couper

What are your plans for Christmas 2014?
Getting together with my family in Tamworth. My family is utterly crazy and fun and we totally run amuck, much to Mum’s laughing dismay. There will be food aplenty (my mum puts on the best country-cooking Christmas dinner ever, with a gazillion bowls of trifle and homemade steamed pudding), lots of swimming and ultimately the tossing of presents around them living room as we all try to “out weird” the other with our gifts. I absolutely love it.

Lexxie with her two brothers a couple of Chrismases ago.

Lexxie with her two brothers a couple of Chrismases ago.


Tell us about a usual Christmas in your home?
LOL See above. There is also the joy of seeing my girls unwrap their presents from Santa, the fun of watching my two older brothers compete to see who can regress to a 10-yr old boy the quickest and the delight of just being with people who truly and totally love each other. It’s bloody awesome.

Any gift in particular that you’d love to see wrapped under the tree?
Hmmm….I’ve been aching for the 1/16th limited edition Thor figure from Hot Toys forever. Have you seen it? It’s this one:  Totally and freakishly lifelike. Failing that…a TARDIS (Yes, I am a proud geek. Big time *grin*)

What is a typical Christmas lunch and/or dinner at your house?
Lunch is roast chicken, baked ham, baked veggies, pudding and trifle. Dinner is “chatchitcatchcan” which basically means whatever’s left over from lunch is spread out on the table and you take what you want. There is nothing better than cold, leftover baked sweet potato in my opinion J

Tell us, what is the one dish that gets served every single year? Is there a story behind this?
Mum’s trifle. No real story but lots of eager anticipation of just how much sherry she’s soaked the sponge cake in before trifle-construction began. And occasionally, just to mess with us, she replaces the sherry with rum. Or apple juice. Or You never know.

Essentials for an Aussie Christmas…
Swimmers. Sunblock. And Vegemite on toast to start the morning off (usually consumed while the presents from Santa are being unwrapped)

Your best Silly Season survival tip?
What happens at the Christmas dinner table will never stay at the Christmas dinner table…and there’s bound to be photographic evidence. So be prepared for 12 months of family ribbing. Or make sure someone else at the table is more the target than you J

What have been your big achievements in 2014?
Surviving. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year in both health and emotional stability. But the one thing I look back on with the biggest smile, as Lexxie, is the Down Under Divas releasing the Down and Dirty box set together and it being so successful. Sami Lee, Jess Dee and Rhian Cahill are three of the most amazing people I know and I’m so glad to be associated with them, not just in a box set, but as a group of crazy Aussie authors who support each other every damn day.

What are your plans/goals for 2015?
Writing two NA novels for Momentum/Pan Macmillian. Finishing the Outback Skies series for Samhain Publishing. Venturing back into the paranormal world I so love writing but haven’t visited for way too long. Losing the last bloody 5kgs of weight that stubbornly refuses to budge (damn hips and thighs. ARGH!) And finding my “happy” when it comes to writing again. I kinda lost it towards the end of this year and really really really look forward to finding the joy in my words again.



Outback Skies, Book 1
Lexxie Couper

The middle of the Outback seems the perfect place for city-bred Dr. Matt Corvin to recover from the beating life has given him. Working in Wallaby Ridge as a member of the Royal Flying Doctors is just what this doctor needs, until he finds himself paired with a pilot who’s every sexual fantasy that’s ever done barrel rolls through his head. She rekindles in him a desire for something he thought he’d never want again—connection.

Natacha Freeman was one medical exam away from RAAF fighter pilot status when her lungs royally screwed her over. Flying a medical plane in the Outback should have provided isolation to match her desolation. Instead, she’s stuck in a tiny plane with a nice guy who sends her hormones screaming full throttle.

Though Tash is jumping on the brakes with both feet, Matt’s not above using his thorough knowledge of the human body to change her mind. Until the dangerous reality of living in the Outback brings them crashing to the ground.

Warning: If gorgeous sexy doctors with incredible bedside manner and a dominating sexual side make you shudder with sheer orgasmic rapture, this book may be…wait for it…just what the doctor ordered.

Samhain  |  Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Apple



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