MEET MY MUSE: Ann B Harrison

Ann B Harrison


MEET MY MUSE by Ann B Harrison

It’s no secret I don’t believe in writers block but ask me about my muse, well that’s a whole different story. She can be kind and gentle, caring and sharing and then some days an absolute little teasing little b**ch. I’m sure you’ve probably seen her around giving your muse more than a few helpful hints.

To tell the truth, most days we get on fine. So long as I play the game by the rules that is. The main rule being alone time with her. Nothing  like a little one on one time for her to dish the dirt on the latest project. You see, the problem I have is too many plots in my head at one time. It’s an occupational hazard that I know I’m not suffering alone. Sadly, my muse doesn’t like it. She will put up with so much before she slams on the brakes and shuts down shop.

But I have the best way to slap her into shape. I walk. You may have seen my Facebook pictures of the things I meet along the way, like this one I took early one morning when I was finishing off my latest release.


Or this one of a newborn foal just down the road from me.


When I wanted to challenge Deliah to try something new in Outback in Stilettos I had to clear my mind and try to remember things that challenged me when I was on a sheep station hand rearing lambs and feeding poddy calves. I knew how I did things back then, but how did I twist them around so the reader would get the full effect of her horror at being confronted with sheep poop and frogs on her pillow when she was used to the finer things in life?

In my new Outback Heritage series, I had to work out my family tree and how they would all connect. Writing Grady, the first book was easy. The second book, Sassie (due out in April) was a little bit harder. Trying to interweave the extended family and the plots so they flowed was harder still. It was nothing to see me walking along the street talking to my muse out loud as we chewed over the timelines and connections. Call me crazy, I care not so long as the ideas keep coming.

I only need to pull on my running shoes and head off when my brain is at that fried stage. At the bottom of the driveway my muse waits. I know for a fact she likes to be the centre of attention and I’m happy to give it to her in exchange for her input. Five kilometers and forty-five minutes later, she has produced the goods! Works every time.

The best piece of advice I can give you, find out what makes your muse talk the talk and embrace it. You never know, it could be good for both of you.


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  1. What a gorgeous place to meet your muse. If you couldn’t find her there, where could you find her? Best of luck with the Outback Series!

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