I’ve been looking forward to building my $10 book, because I thought I might surprise myself with my choices – and I’ve done exactly that. Here are my options…

I’m spending $4 on ‘Sweep you off your feet at first meeting’
Bottom line is that I like the hero and heroine together ASAP when I’m reading – or writing – a romance. Because as intriguing as all the secondary characters can be and as vital as what the hero and heroine are thinking to themselves is, I’m reading a story about two people coming together.

I also believe the first meeting between the hero and the heroine gives you an intriguing insight, priming you for how their relationship will progress. Are they friendly, snarky, wary? Attracted to each other, co-conspirators, enemies? Even if they’re not seeing each other as partners-for-life just yet, there’s got to be a frisson that alerts you to what’s happening at a deeper level. It can be as simple as an internal acknowledgement by one of the characters that ‘this one’ is going to be a pain in the butt (my best example is Here Comes the Bridesmaid) or as complicated as a hint of magic in the air (Now You’re Mine). In two of my books (Wanting Mr Wrong and Escaping Mr Right), the first meeting between the hero and heroine takes place before the book even begins, but you’re nevertheless left in no doubt at their first on-the-page meeting that the spark was definitely there. In fact, so intrigued was I by the first meeting in Wanting Mr Wrong, I went back and wrote it as a book prequel and you can grab it in a free anthology called The Day We Met.

Emotionally charged love affair has got to be worth $1
Okay, I write sexy romance – Now You’re Mine is actually heading into erotic romance territory – so I think people might have expected me to choose an option about explicit sex scenes right about now. And the truth is I do think fabulous sex scenes can show a magical sense of intimacy between a hero and heroine. But I want their feelings – not just their body fluids – to soak the page. Dare I confess that as a reader, unless the sex scenes drive the characters to a deeper understanding of each other, drawing out emotions they didn’t expect, I can actually skip right past them!

And 5 big bucks go to…Once in a lifetime love
Oh yes, please!

Let me clarify that I have no problem with characters who’ve been in love before and I also think every character must have the ability to move on from a relationship and let someone go – no stalking, no disappearing into a grief hole, etc. But the idea that you have a soul mate, one person so special they’ve forever changed you in some way, is for me the height of romance. It’s that relationship I want to read about – the one that has me gasping and longing and floating and aching and wanting so badly I could scream with the tension of it.


Whew! And now I need to go and find a new romance to read immediately!


Now You’re Mine
Avril Tremayne

East meets west in this exotic and highly sensual love story that will set temperatures soaring.

“You can be as curious and as confident as you want – with no limits . . .”

Journalist Jenna Martin has led a very unadventurous life – until now.

Sent to the Arabian desert to review an exclusive new holiday resort, she stumbles into the path of a beautiful, exotic stranger, Kalan Al Talyani.

Over one unforgettable night, the reclusive billionaire will tempt her, test her, seduce her, and offer her an electrifying taste of a life outside her comfort zone.

When Jenna returns to America she tells herself it was just a magical one-night stand, an experience that’s already starting to feel more dream than reality.

But then Kalan follows her home to Boston – and Jenna is forced to make a choice. Should she stay within the confines of her current life? Or take a risk on a life that’s different from anything she’s ever imagined . . .?

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