The 10 Erotic/Erotic Romance Novels You *Need* To Read




Love it or hate it (and let’s face it many of us fit quite firmly in one of those corners), 50 Shades of Grey certainly opened our eyes to erotic romance novels. But it’s not all whips and chains… Erotica and erotic romance covers all aspects of romantic relations—yes there’s a ton of sex (and let me tell you, Aussie authors know how to write *good* sex!) but there’s also love, exploration of relationships and sexuality, as well as action, drama, angst, and the essential happily-ever-after (or sometimes just a happy-for-now).

All that aside, we all know Aussies do it better, so here’s our countdown of the best erotica written by Australian authors:



  1. Cari Silverwood – Pierced Hearts series

A New York Times and USA Today bestseller, Cari Silverwood delivers dark erotic fiction that by her own admission offers an optional mindf**k. Silverwood has a way with words that will have you enthralled from the first sentence—a novelist to watch.

What to expect from the Pierced Hearts series:
Do not go into this series lightly—to be clear, Silverwood delivers up hardcore physical and emotional sadism and masochism, BDSM themes, and sexual deviances that’d make Satan blush!



  1. Christina Phillips – Her Vengeful Scot

A triple finalist for the ARRA Favourite Erotic Romance award, Christina Phillips has long been a crowd-pleaser within the Australian romance industry. Her heroes are strong, capable, and direct and her heroines epitomise the strong independent woman mantra.

What to expect from Her Vengeful Scot:
Loved Outlander? Suffering from Droughtlander? Here’s your cure… A tumultuous, yet scorching hot read that will have you on the edge of your seat.


Jennifer Lynne

  1. Jennifer Lynne – Not Vanilla series

With 13 novels under her belt ranging from contemporary to paranormal to her famed Gods of Love series, Lynne truly does offer up something for every reading taste.

What to expect from the Not Vanilla series:
As the name suggests, this is not your regular erotic fiction. Think voyeurism, bondage, spanking and all things BDSM. Lynne knows erotica and serves it up piping hot with no apologies!



  1. Viveka Portman – The Wicked Confessions of Lady Cecelia Stanton

With a bachelor degree in anthropology, Viveka Portman weaves her love of times past and historical fact into scorching historical erotic romance that would sate even the most roguish of Rakes.

What to expect from The Wicked Confessions of Lady Cecelia Stanton:
Historical erotica that intertwines fact with fiction. An exploration of sex and erotica through the times.



  1. Sami Lee – Burning Up

A trailblazer of digital publishing in Australian erotic romance, Sami Lee knows how to pack a punch with strong storylines, even stronger alpha males, and relatable and entertaining heroines.

What to expect from Burning Up:
Two drop-dead gorgeous firemen, smoking hot menage sex, and plenty of Aussie colloquialism and humour.


jess dee

  1. Jess Dee – Sunday Night Dinner Club series

One of the original erotic romance novelists in Australia, Jess Dee offers up hot-blooded (and deliciously muscled) alpha males, assertive heroines, and storylines that will have you downloading and devouring her entire back-catalogue.

What to expect from the Sunday Night Dinner Club series:
From twosomes, threesomes and every conceivable sex scene under the sun, Dee is no stranger in serving up a delectable menu of sizzling sensuality and sexuality.


jason luke

  1. Jason Luke – The Word Master

Though he’s a relatively new author on the Australian romance scene, Jason Luke has certainly made his mark on the erotic romance genre landing a coveted Amazon bestseller title with his worldwide hit, Interview with a Master.

What to expect from The Word Master:
The most obvious difference here is reading erotic romance as written from a man’s perspective. Luke tells of strong dominant alpha males and wickedly sinful BDSM with a supremely smooth voice that’ll keep you hooked to the very end.



  1. Rhian Cahill – Truth or Dare

A pioneer of erotic romance within the Australian romance scene, Cahill boosts more than 30 novels across multiple sub-genres. With devastatingly perfect alpha males, gutsy heroines, and exotic locations, it’s clear to see why Cahill has such a dedicated fan base both in Australia and abroad.

What to expect from Truth or Dare:
A story that engages you right from the get-go, wildly intense sex, and menage that re-writes the rule book.



  1. Lexxie Couper – Blowing It Off

From sizzling sci-fi and paranormal to deliciously saucy contemporary romances (and pretty much everything in between), Couper is a mainstay of the Australian erotic romance genre. With 69 (yes, 69) published works to her name there’s not much that Couper hasn’t tried at least once…

What to expect from Blowing It Off:
Menage, smoking hot firemen, sizzling sex and steaming sensuality.


Kylie Scott

  1. Kylie Scott – Stage Dive series

What’s not to love about a series of erotic romance novels aptly named Lick, Play, Lead, and Deep?! New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Kylie Scott has achieved success not only in Australia (in 2013, Scott was nominated Australian Romance Writer of the year) but also abroad where her novels have been translated into six languages and sold worldwide.

What to expect of the Stage Dive series:
Hot, tattooed, and often naked rock stars, scorching sex, action and angst – all the makings of a brilliant erotic romance novel.

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