HUMP DAY HUNK: Lisa Knight



Hump Day Hunk with Lisa Knight


Meet Tom Frasier – the tall, gorgeous, American movie star from Celebrity Free Pass, by Lisa Knight.

Tom has been doing small acting gigs for years, so is ecstatic to land a big role in a movie. The experience proves better than he ever dared possible, and leads him on a worldwide promotional tour, ending in Australia.

Tom can’t quite believe all the hype that comes with the industry. Suddenly he’s being called a ‘heart throb’ and has to give interviews all he time. He’s never been one to talk much about himself, and hides his embarrassment behind an ever present smirk.

At the end of a particularly long day, in walks journalist Ivy Flockheart. There’s something about her that Tom finds intriguing and what he thought was going to be another boring interview ends up being one of the best nights of his life.



“I thought you Hollywood types had to watch your calories.”

Tom scoffed. “I can see I’m going to have to teach you a thing or two about us Hollywood types.”

“Really? Please, enlighten me.”

He put down the menu and placed his hands flat against the white tablecloth. Ivy did her best not to dwell on the theory of massive hands, massive…other bits.

“Ask me anything about being an actor and I’ll tell you the truth, no holds barred.”

She took another sip of her wine, finishing the glass. “Okay, Mr. Famous, do celebrities such as yourself…”

He rolled his eyes.

“…get free stuff all the time? Like haircuts, for example.”

Tom chuckled. “Has that question been eating away at you all your life?”

Ivy, still holding her empty wine glass, pointed at Tom accusingly. “You promised me a straight answer.”

“Okay, okay. No. When I’m not shooting, I pay for my own haircuts, or I just do it myself.”

Her face obviously showed confusion because he turned his fist into an electric razor and made a buzzing noise over his cropped hair.

“Any further questions, Ms. Flockheart?”

“Yes, Mr. Famous. Do all celebrities get to sleep with whoever they want, whenever they want?” The effects of two bottles of wine seemed to have finally taken their toll.

Tom raised his eyebrows. “I can’t speak for every celebrity…”

“What about just you then?”

The muscles in his jaw tightened, and he picked up his wine, finishing the final mouthful. His fingers toyed with the stem of the glass before he finally looked up and stared directly into her eyes. “I’m not sure, Ivy. Do I?”



Celebrity Free Pass
Lisa Knight

Is there anything more exciting than a night with a movie star?

Being dumped by text message was not the best start to advice columnist Ivy Flockheart’s day. But thankfully, things pick up when she fills in for a sick colleague and gets to interview up-and-coming American movie star Tom Frasier.

Tom is unexpectedly glorious, and following an impromptu dinner, Ivy spends a fabulous night in his hotel room. The trouble is, now she can’t stop thinking about him, and it puts a strain on all areas of her life—work, sleep, and even her relationship with her family. Then Tom suddenly reappears in town, and things become even more complicated.

There has to be a way to get her life back on track. Or has her amazing night with a celebrity already caused too much damage?

Beachwalk Press  |   Amazon


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