FRIDAY FREEBIE: Isabella Hargreaves



Friday Freebie with Isabella Hargreaves


What inspired this book?
Wanton Widows is the result of a challenge to myself to write erotic romance rather than the sensual-sweet books I usually write. In Kylie Scott’s words from Lick, it was “time to pull up my big-girl panties” and go for it, in order to grow as a writer.


Who are the main characters and why will we love them?
There are three stories and six main characters in Wanton Widows. The gorgeous Sir Nicholas De Courcey from ‘What a Widow Wants’ sweeps the determined heroine, Lady Caroline Newberry, off her feet, fulfilling her biggest dream. In ‘The Widow’s Wedding Night’, the sweet heroine, Arabella Linfield, is captivated by the intriguing and slightly disturbing hero, Jerome, Earl Linfield. In ‘Wooing the Wealthy Widow’, the coolly-elegant, discerning and wealthy widow, Viscountess Helena Tremoyne, is wooed by the good-looking, urbane, educated but impoverished Sir Hercules Standfast.


For you, what’s the best thing about Fridays?
Friday is my day! It’s the best day of the week for me as I get to stay home and write. It’s my chance to catch up with all the tasks that need more time than a few hours in the evenings, which is all I can spare during the week. It’s also the one day I get the evening off, so I can watch a movie and chill out.


What’s coming up next for you?
The next project for me is the release of the sequel to All Quiet on the Western Plains. Set in western Queensland in 1924, like All Quiet, Journey’s End on the Western Plains, is Bill and Marion’s story, and also about the aftermath of World War One. Unlike Jack in All Quiet, Bill doesn’t suffer from PTSD. Instead, he blames himself for his mother’s death while he was at war and is running from that guilt.



Wanton Widows
Isabella Hargreaves

Three Regency-era widows seek new partners in unconventional ways.
What a Widow Wants – The young Dowager Lady Caroline Newberry sets out to snare a lover.
The Widow’s Wedding Night – Arabella Linfield dreams of a wedding night to remember, but the reality is a surprise.
Wooing the Wealthy Widow – Can Sir Hercules Standfast pass the wealthy widow’s twelve tests for penniless suitors?

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