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My writing career started when I was five. I overheard someone talking about the missing Princess Anastasia, and how she came from Russia where the Cossacks lived. I came from suburban Brisbane where the Cusacks lived, and that link was enough for my tiny brain put the two things together. Almost instantly I began to believe that I was Anastasia, secreted inside a Brisbane family, for my own protection.


My little brother used to hide my dolls, but I stopped worrying about that, because I was suddenly sure he wasn’t my brother. My real brother was back in the magical land of Russia, where I imagined all sorts of enchanted things might occur.


A harmless enough fantasy, you might imagine, and perhaps easily forgotten, but somehow the story stayed in my mind, and the little princess grew along with me. As a teenager, I fantasised about a hunky champion for the princess, and around that time I started secretly borrowing from my brother’s bookcase, reading racy novels in bed with a torch under the mosquito net. That led me to imagine all sorts of erotic situations with my characters, but it was still many years later – when I was a married woman with small children of my own – that I had time and the emotional space to bring that story to the page.


What resulted was the Shadow Through Time fantasy trilogy which went on to be selected by the Doubleday Bookclub as their Editors’ Choice.  It was successful, so I wrote fantasy for a time, but there was something about romantic comedy that really drew me.


I love a good love story, and I particularly love completely flawed characters whose lives are a shambles, and yet somehow they still manage to find love. I also thoroughly enjoy writing erotica, so last year the two combined into the opening novel of my erotic romcom Husband Series. The four books are about four Aussie girlfriends in their mid-thirties whose love lives haven’t lived up to their teenage expectations, so they embark on the bumpy road to sexily-ever-after.


Book #1 Husband Sit is about a house-sitter (I’ve done that) Jill, who is so desperate for money to save her kid sister, she turns to husband-sitting (I haven’t done that!) being paid by wives to keep their straying husbands happy so they can skip off on vacation.  Jill ends up sleeping with a few frogs before she settles with her prince, so that first book is pretty racy. The other girls aren’t quite as ‘out there’ as Jill, but their love stories are still quite erotic.


My own precious female friendships – many of them decades old – have really informed this series, which is just as much about the power of women relying on each other, as it is about the romance. The four girls are so different (just as my girls are different from me) and sometimes they argue with each other quite forcefully! But their underlying bond is I’m here for you, no matter what.


That’s a story worth sharing.



Husband Stay
Louise Cusack

Angela Lata only ever wanted two things out of life: a singing career and children. So she’s entitled to a little craziness after discovering that her cheating husband had a vasectomy before their wedding. Still, that’s no excuse to succumb to sexy man-whore Jack, even if he is so gorgeous she can barely breathe in his presence. Hadn’t she learned anything from her girlfriend’s example? The best way to get over one man is NOT to sleep with another.

The trouble is, Angela has never had good sex, let alone great sex, and on the eve of her diva dreams coming true, Jack promises her both. All it takes is one night with him to ruin her completely. Every date afterward suffers in comparison, and with her biological clock ticking loudly and her career not living up to her expectations, what she needs is father material, not pleasure-on-tap.

Tradition meets testosterone in a clash of expectations as unlikely lovers struggle to uncover what they really want from life – and each other.

This novel is currently available for pre-order from Amazon for .99c US and will revert to $3.99 when it’s released on April 13. Pre-order your copy here!



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