Tell Us Your Backstory with Camille Taylor

Camille Taylot

Tell Us Your Backstory with Camille Taylor

Romance with suspense. Suspense with romance.

Hi, I’m Camille Taylor and I write romantic suspense novels. Here is my admittedly somewhat boring backstory. Note to self: Maybe if I got out of the house more, it would be more exciting.

I’ve always written. As a child I even wrote movie adaptations and sold them to family members for twenty cents. Growing up, the youngest of five, the closest sibling a good five years older I was often left to entertain myself and thus my imagination burst into action and has never stopped.

During my teen years, I’d envisioned being an actress, acting out the many stories in my head and even went as far as writing screenplays. This kept me busy for the next couple of years until 2009 when I decided to give up that dream (it didn’t suit my extreme shyness) and turn my scripts into novels. Thus, Not Forgotten (originally titled, The Butcher) was born. Most of my Aussie set Harbour Bay Series were standalone until I decided it would be more fun to make them intertwine. Years later, I now have the entire series plotted out and in first draft status. After failing in the self-pub arena, my Law Series and Harbour Bay Series were picked up by Limitless Publishing.

An introvert, I live vicariously through my books, writing characters I’d either date or be friends with, adding a little darkness they must fight to overcome.

I started out wanting to write psychological suspense novels but I love romance too much and each book has become more romance focused. Joining RWA last year was one of the best things I’ve done in my writing career and my goal for 2016 is sharing my books with more readers.

A big believer in the HEA, you’ll always find one in my stories or at the very least the promise of one until the next book. I write whenever I can, mostly on the bus to work and sometimes while I’m at my day job, though I do try to limit it to my lunch hour. After witnessing me tapping away one day, a colleague of mine jokingly asked if I was writing a novel. I can still picture her surprise when I replied ‘yes’.

I’ve travelled across western Europe, UK, UAE and New Zealand, picking up storylines along the way. I’ve lived on the coast, rural Victoria, London and have now found home in Canberra. My latest release is probably my favourite, featuring Dean, a man I fell in love with back when I wrote the first book in the series and I’ve eagerly been waiting its release.



He turned around, his entire body taut with tension. His blood pounded in his ears as he absorbed her words, his gaze searching hers for sincerity. She was close to tears, her whole body quivering as if ready to give out on her completely. She did need him. He took a deep breath, preparing himself for what he knew would come next. Megan was too tempting for him to have any kind of choice.



Camille Taylor

“Following the rules has its advantages, but breaking them may just save her life.”

Detective Dean Matthews refuses to fall in love, having seen first-hand how it makes a man vulnerable. When his case brings him to Megan’s door, Dean is surprised by his reaction to her. As the bodies pile up, and Megan disappears, Dean must unravel the twisted web of clues the killer has left behind or risk the one woman who might finally teach him to love again.

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