From chart-topping, best-selling author Fiona McIntosh comes The Chocolate Tin, a sensuous novel about family duty, honour, and the intoxication of forbidden love; and chocolate!


The Chocolate Tin
Fiona McIntosh

In England’s northern capital of York, birthplace of some of the most famous chocolate brands in the world, passionate, forward-thinking Alexandra Frobisher longingly dreams of a career in a time when women of her status were expected to simply marry into a wealthy family and bear children.

However, when the charming Matthew Britten-Jones appears with an offer of a platonic relationship of equality, companionship and a desire to help her achieve her dream, even assist her through his connections at the Rowntree’s chocolate empire, Alex can’t resist him. She hopes they’ll learn to love each other but for now it stops her parents nagging, and means she can volunteer at the Rowntree’s hospital, but more importantly, its factory.

While the men of York are fighting in France during the Great War, at home the women are busy supporting the war effort. Alex finds herself in the heart of the chocolate factory, packing tins to be sent to the soldiers fighting for their lives, and their country, on the front line.

At the end of the war Captain Henry Blake discovers a chocolate tin on a dead soldier in the trenches in France and inside a note that his sweetheart has lovingly sent him. Because of his own heartache he feels compelled to return the chocolate tin and its love letter to its sender. His search takes him to York, where he becomes embroiled in the lives of Alex and Matthew on his quest to find this mysterious woman.

The Chocolate Tin is a heart wrenching novel from one our most cherished storytellers, taking us from the beautiful historic town of York to the horrifying trenches of the First World War.

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