AusRom Today favourite, J.L. Perry joins us this month not only as Author of the Month but also to build us what she considers to be the ideal story.

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From our extremely delicious menu choices (above), here’s her picks:

$5 – Happily Ever After

$3 – Conflict that forces personal growth

$1 – Emotionally charged love affair

$1 – Unbreakable connection between lovers

This was a hard one because there is so many on that list that fit my hero and heroine in Jax, so only having $10 to spend wasn’t easy. I ended up spending my money like this:

$5 – Happily ever after, because I’m a romantic at heart, so a HEA is a must for me. I want my readers to be left smiling when they turn the last page.

$3 – Conflict that forces personal growth, because that’s exactly what happens to my characters in Jax. I love seeing how much they grow throughout their journey, as they work to overcome real life struggles that ordinary people face daily basis. It helps to make the characters real and relatable to the reader.

$1 – Emotionally charged love affair, because when you put two strongminded, stubborn and feisty, characters like Candice and Jax together, emotionally charged is exactly what you get. They love wholeheartedly, but when they have a disagreement … lets just say it has the potential to become explosive.

$1 – Unbreakable connection between lovers, because that describes Candice and Jax perfectly. Their journey isn’t an easy one by any means, but no matter what obstacles life throws at them along the way, and whether they’re together or apart, their love for each other is unwavering. It’s the one thing they can always count on.


J.L. Perry

How do you live without the one person on this earth who was made for you? A sexy, emotional love story by the author of the #1 international bestsellers Hooker and Bastard, featuring the beloved character Jax.

My name is Jaxson Albright. My friends call me Jax. I was brought up privileged, and I was supposed to follow in my father’s footsteps and move into politics, but I had other plans. To my family’s disgust, I’m inked, I’m pierced and I own and run a tattoo parlour in the hip suburb of Newtown, Sydney. I fit in here. I can be the man I was destined to be.

But I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my saviour, Candice. My pink haired angel. We grew up in the same circle – like me, she’s an outcast. I have been in love with her for as long as I can remember.  I can’t get her out of my head. She still owns my damn heart.

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