Tell Us Your Backstory with Ellie Jean


Tell Us Your Backstory with Ellie Jean

Reading in my spare time when I was younger was something I enjoyed immensely. Horror novels, Stephen King was able to engross me in every book he wrote. Then my life took a turn towards University and doing my teaching studies so I could teach High School students. My life of reading turned to text books and thats where it stayed.

Having a family, teaching and a husband who ran his own business saw me now looking at doing the books, not reading them. No time for that when three boys have every sport under the sun happening.

It wasn’t  until my youngest was at school, when I decided I wanted to re-train to teach primary students. They’re love of learning inspiring me each. So back to the textbooks I went. After two more years, I finally was working again and away from studying.

It seems like a long road writing it down, but for a few years I have been reading Adult Romance novels obsessively. During the night, at training sessions with the kids and  every spare minute I could. Drawn to them and their beautiful stories of heartbreak, passion and their happily ever afters.

I decided to challenge myself. Without telling anyone, and still today only limited people know, I started drafting my debut novel Sweet Deception. Instead of reading, I was writing my…own…novel… Excitement kicked in and I sourced how to get my novel into the palms of many readers. Of course, it wasn’t going to be easy. But with the knowledge and support of the stories from other romance writing authors, I decided to give it a go.

I have taken the self publishing option and after two years, many beta readers later and editing later and my contemporary romance – Isla and Alex’s journey is ready to hit the readers on the 4th of October.  A story filled with angst, suspense, HOT scenes and  true romance is for readers 18+ and not for the faint at heart. Their journey is complex but passion filled. Available as an ebook and soon to be released in paperback.

I’m currently now writing the final part to the duet – Sweet Redemption. The twist and turns this couple go through is intense and powerful.

I am so excited an thrilled that I decided to challenge myself. If you’re thinking about writing, give it a go. Don’t let anyone stop your dream and creative passion. And enjoy the ride your new book takes you on.



Sweet Deception
Ellie Jean

I can’t let any man get too close to me…ever. But he’s the only man who has made me want to risk everything.

On my knees, looking up at Alex Raven changed my life irrevocably. Self-assured and powerful, his presence commanded attention…especially that of women. Intoxicated by what I wasn’t allowed, I entangled Alex in my web of lies and deceit…better known as my past and present. Shouldering his own secrets, he freely gave me his trust and protection. But would pulling him into my world be the future I so craved? Or mean the end for us both?

I want to be a normal twenty-four year old.
With a normal job. A normal family and a normal relationship.
But I know that it is impossible.
I’m not allowed.
The Boss owns me.
Fooling myself into believing differently plays havoc with my mind.
The small reprieve from my normal life has thrown me into a tailspin.
His large powerful hands and the strength and passion he takes me with makes me forget reality.
Devouring my body expertly, making me scream his name over and over is my new favorite
pastime. Nothing else matters.
Making me reckless and deceitful.
But he wants me so badly. His words, his touch and his actions show me without a shadow of a doubt.
He protects what is his.
Will I still be his when I reveal my normal life? Or will we both pay for my deception?

My life is routine, busy, dangerous and with little privacy.
I’m consumed with my multimillion dollar ‘Raven Resort and Casino’ unless my family needs my help.
Discreetly, silencing any problems.
My dick, my brain and very quickly my heart has different ideas.
Her curves, the way her body melts under my touch, her voice when I take over her completely and the persistent need to fiercely protect her throws my ordered life into chaos.
I simply can’t get enough of her.
I can tell she is trying to fight us.
She has secrets. But I do too.
There is one thing I know without any confusion – She will be mine…

This intoxicating and passionate full-length romance has a cliffhanger and HFN ending. But don’t be put off, the release of the final part to this sizzling, sexy new series won’t be far away.



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