SPOTLIGHT ON… Erotica: Mari Carr


Describe yourself in one word:

Best thing about being a wordsmith
Getting the voices out of my head and onto the page. Watching characters come to life. Writing is a lot like working a crossword puzzle—you have to make all the pieces fit. It’s very challenging and rewarding when you see everything come together.

If you weren’t writing erotica, you’d be…
Reading it. All the time. I seriously love the genre. Can’t get enough of it.

The ideal ‘International Heat’ man…
Is alpha, sensitive, honest, protective

The ideal ‘International Heat’ woman…
Is intelligent, strong, independent

Where do you find inspiration for your writing?
All around me. Lately I’ve been writing the Second Chances series, which is my attempt at writing happy endings for some of my friends who’ve been going through some rough times lately.

Favourite erotica/romance novelist and book?
Damn. I have to pick just one? Joey Hill’s Ice Queen and Mirror of my Soul come to mind immediately. They are powerful books told by a master storyteller and I’ve re-read them quite a few times. My all-time favorite erotic book is Lora Leigh’s Sarah’s Seduction. Damn—that book is my guilty pleasure.

Something you’d like readers to know about erotica novels?
They aren’t just about sex and they sure as hell aren’t porn. My books are primarily love stories where the bedroom door remains open, but the main focus of the story is the evolving relationship between the hero and heroine—in and out of the bed!

Something you’d like people to know about erotica novelists?
We’re normal people…well, except for Lexxie Couper. Lol. In my real life, I’m a high school librarian. Shhhhhh….

Your favourite erotica topic to write about…
Friends to lovers. I think they make the most believable romances.

What book has changed your opinion/stance on something important to you, and why?
Kite Runner and The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. Both books drive home the concepts of standing up and doing what’s right no matter how difficult. They were powerful stories—just loved them!

If you were a character in a novel, you’d be:
Claire from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. Simply because Jamie Fraser is my ultimate hero. That man melts my butter!

Biggest accomplishment to date:
Hitting the New York Times bestseller list…twice! I cried when I learned I’d hit it. One of the best nights of my life.

What’s next for you?
I’m currently working on the fourth book in the Second Chances series, Back-Up Plan. I’m also awaiting the release of Hope Springs on August 20. It’s the second book in the Compass Girls series I’m co-writing with Jayne Rylon.

Find Mari online:

Full Moon

Sometimes it’s not just the tide that rises… Second Chances, Book 2

In the two years since her divorce was finalized, Josie Jacobson’s life has become one long, boring routine. Work, home, repeat. She has her hands full as a single parent, and while she’s not looking for a serious relationship, she sure wouldn’t mind getting laid.

When her friend, Zoey, challenges her to make a New Year’s resolution for a second chance at happiness, Josie goes one better and creates the “Howl List”. Every full moon, she will indulge in a different sexual fantasy. Right at the top? Sex without strings.

Fate leads her to the Blue Moon bar in January. After all, what better place to howl? And when she meets Jake Stewart, the sexy bartender, and engages in some red-hot sex with a stranger, her year seems to be off to a great start.

At least, until Jake declares he wants all her full moons…

Warning: This is NOT the shifter story you are looking for. While the heroine howls during the full moon, she does it in naked, human-form only. Sorry—no wolves, but there is a really sexy bartender and lots of red-hot fantasies.

Purchase Full Moon from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Samhain.

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