RELEASE DAY NEWS… Rescued: A Festive Novella hits shelves!

Love some gorgeous Bondi butts ;)

Love some gorgeous Bondi butts 😉

Ok, so I have a confession to make…

A confession that many hot-blooded Aussie women will back me up on…

I’m kinda in love with lifeguards. No particular lifeguard, just lifeguards in general. All of them. Every single last one!

Sure, some of it has to do with living on the gorgeous east coast of Australia and seeing their scantily-clad firm, tanned and fit physiques patrolling the beaches at every turn.

Probably some of it has to do with the ease and surety of their demeanour.

Oh, and did I mention biceps, abs, thighs and butts? Oh yes, I did that already…

So, all of these factors make up a pretty well-rounded alpha male wrapped in quite a handsome package.

BUT, the one thing that puts lifeguards even further ahead in the appeals stakes is their bravery, their tenacity and calm under pressure, their soaking wet bodies emerging from the waves… but I digress… again…

At the end of the day, who doesn’t love a hunky lifeguard in tiny Speedos saving the day?! That’s exactly what the hero of my latest release, Bondi lifeguard Jack Covey does… and boy does he have his hands full!


Enjoy this excerpt, it’s just the thing to cheer up your Tuesday!

Rescued: A Festive Novella
J’aimee Brooker

“Jack! Finn! Someone, help. Please, someone help!” came Sophie’s shrill scream. In a second, all the noises of the beach, the kids playing, parents shouting, drunks laughing—it all faded to silence, as his eyes strategically scanned the water where he’d last seen Anya and Sophie swimming, his body instinctively moving, already headed toward the water. He could see Sophie, standing on the shore, frantically scanning the water.

Anya, where is Anya? he asked himself repeatedly, his feet carrying him faster than he thought possible, he looked to his left and saw Finn running with him, keeping up pace by pace. Behind him were two other surf lifeguards trying desperately to keep up.

“Soph, where is she?” Jack shouted, stripping his shirt off and throwing it behind him as he made his way into the surf.

“She’s was hit by a surfboard, she hasn’t come back up yet. Please, I’m coming to help” Sophie yelled, making her way into the water alongside him and Finn.

“Finn, get her out of here. Calm her down, we don’t need to be pulling them both out” Jack shouted, hearing Finn’s stern voice commanding Sophie to stay on the shore before feeling his presence as they both dove under an incoming wave.

Coming up, he saw a distressed surfer shouting to him, “over here, over here” he called urgently, “my board flew out and hit her in the head, I’ve been under a few times, and I can’t see her”

Jack swam to him, duck diving beneath the surface, his eyes searching the water, stinging from the salty water but instinctively staying focused and open, adrenaline taking over. He made eye contact with Finn as they both came up for breath, the concern etched onto his friend’s face both deflating Jack’s hopes and spurring him on to keep going. Jack watched Finn dive back under and immediately began to follow him as he saw Anya’s body bob up above the surface a few metres away. Then he heard it: her desperate gasp for breath, her pained and scared moan for help before she dropped back below the surface, at least she’s breathing he thought to himself as her threw himself toward her, every muscle overstretching and overworking in his desperate attempt to get to her. 

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