WIP ME INSPIRED: Louise Forster

Photo courtesy of Glen Innes Tourism
Photo courtesy of Glen Innes Tourism

Photo courtesy of Glen Innes Tourism


WIP Me Inspired
Louise Forster


Hi J’aimee, thank you for inviting me to your blog.

It all started when I visited the amazing country town of Glen Innes a few years ago. If you’re from outside Australia, it’s a beautiful country town with many heritage listed Edwardian buildings. My favourite time of year there is the Celtic festival. Lots of men in kilts, pipe bands and delicious food. We were visiting a friend and I happened to look in an empty, Edwardian, shop window, when I thought, someone should do something spectacular with this place. At least I could make it happen in fiction. I started with two sisters and a niece, and the story evolved in to Home Truths published by Harlequin Escape Publishing. Heroine, Jennifer, returns home from London to attend her dear uncle’s funeral and meets Calum a hot local farmer/electrician. And Jennifer’s sister, Sofie Dove meets Brock Stewart, ex SAS soldier, now the local police sergeant.

My editor, Kate Cuthbert, suggested a sequel to Home Truths for Sofie and Brock’s romance. Then Sara from Harlequin Junkie in her review said, she’d love to see a book about Sofie getting her HEA. Which told me, I was right in thinking these two lovable characters needed their romance told. The working title is, Sofie and Brock in Tumble Creek. I know, not very original, but this is bound to change to something punchier.


I’ll share a phrase from my WIP with you:

Brock dipped his head and stared unseeing at his shoes, shoulders shaking in a silent chuckle. He moved his head to the side and captured her eyes with his. “Sofe,” his deep voice drawled, “had I kissed you, you wouldn’t have missed it.”

“Ooh.” She did a little uppity head-wobble. “What makes you so special?”

His gaze deepened with an intensity that made her girl parts quiver. Then he rocked her world when he said, “Without a doubt, you do.”


You’ll have to read the book to find out what Sofie did with that. 😉




Blurb for the sequel to Home Truths:

Sofie Dove has decided to leave Sydney and make a life in Tumble Creek. She bought an Edwardian house that she and daughter Claudia, are renovating. They settled into the country town and made it their home. One morning, while giving a life drawing class, the local police sergeant, (now detective) Brock Stewart, takes her home in rather unusual circumstances and life for Sofie is turned on its head.

A semi-trailer has ploughed through the front of her house, destroying it. The driver disappears before anyone can question him. Brock risks the roof collapsing on him to rescue some of Sofie’s belongings. If any of them were to come to light, she’d never live it down. While managing the breakfast crowd at her sister’s restaurant, Veronica’s, there’s a suspicious package left on a table. After forensics examined it, they find out what was inside the parcel.

Will Sofie’s friend, Britt stop running and come back to Tumble Creek?

Will Claudia overcome yet another loss, face it head on and never hide from the world again? Will Brock help Sofie conquer her insecurities, and in doing so, conquer his past?

Once again, mysteries and secrets abound in Tumble Creek.





I’m having so much fun with these two characters, they’re both strong, but there’s an interesting vulnerable side to each, which they need to explore as their romance progresses.

Getting to know each other, they make mistakes, which unintentionally hurts the other. One of them has to get their romance back on track.

Will it be Brock the ex SAS soldier, or Sofie, whose upbringing was all about presenting the right image. Being a pantser I don’t know yet.

I’m up for suggestions, but make them original (I can think of plenty that aren’t). Drop your suggestions into the comments below and I’ll choose and announce a winner on 1st October!

The winner will get a mention in acknowledgements and a free copy of Home Truths.




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